Alcohol Injection Kits

Houston Automotive Performance Specialists

Is it time to give your car a much-needed boost but you don't want to get too complicated with the modifications? Then it is time to start considering alcohol injection kits and how they can power up your vehicle without a comparatively simple procedure.

In a standard alcohol injection kit or system, you will find:

  • Tank filled with alcohol
  • Pump system
  • Injector nozzle
  • Electrical controls (panel in dashboard)
When you have an alcohol injection kit installed in your vehicle's engine, you get to decide when you want to use it and boost it. When the alcohol mixture is atomized and injected into the intake system of your engine, the internal temperature drops dramatically. The colder the air in your engine, the more it can take in per cycle. The more air your engine takes in, the more fuel there is to burn for raw power and performance.

Prepare Your Engine with Our Team

Alcohol injection systems are great but you cannot just throw one into your car and hope for the best. Getting one specifically designed for your automobile is your top bet for maximizing performance with the help of our Katy automotive performance experts.

Heat Up and Cool Off with an Alcohol Injection Kit

Do you use your car or truck to lug heavy equipment around pretty frequently? You might be noticing performance issues on steep grades. This is just another problem that an alcohol injection system can fix by keeping the engine happy and cool when the job heats up. A dyno tuned engine with an alcohol injection kit will help maximize the power your engine can deliver.

To learn more about these handy systems and whether or not your car can get one, go ahead and call us at (281) 492-0645 today. Our friendly staff is always happy to provide inquiring minds a free estimate.