Custom Camaro Camshafts in Houston

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The parts of your engine must work together in harmony in order to make your engine as durable and powerful as it can possibly be. While a stock camshaft is fine for daily driving and even a little bit of fun, putting a custom-formed camshaft into your block can bring out a side of your engine you may not have thought possible. A camshaft is a specially-formed metal rod that regulates the timing of your engine valves as they open and close for each of your vehicle's cylinders. Changing out your stock camshaft to a custom option installed by one of our experienced automotive experts can simultaneously increase your horsepower significantly as well as alter your engine's sound and change your exhaust note.

When it comes to engine upgrades, a camshaft is an extremely popular option, and the Houston high performance auto experts at HP Motorsports LLC can help you choose which option is right for you. We have a passion for speed and an eye for perfection, and we make it our personal mission to help your car run at its absolute best. With more than 20 years of experience serving the high performance auto market in Houston, we are proud of our name and our reputation we have developed, and we proudly offer our same exceptional service and unbeatable prices to all our customers. No matter how large or small your job, we can help you create the Camaro of your dreams using high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts from trustworthy manufacturers.

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Why Choose a New Camshaft?

A new camshaft can have a dramatic influence over your car and its performance. As stated previously, the camshaft controls the operation of your engine's valves, including when they open, how long they remain open, what order they open in, and how quickly they close. Each of these parameters can all have a huge influence over everything from your horsepower to your car's engine exhaust. Using a combination of angles, lift, duration, and ramp angle, each camshaft has what is called a "profile," or its unique shape, and it is this "profile" that can create these radical changes to your ride.

Therefore, when considering your options for a new camshaft, you should strongly consider what type of performance you want out of your car. A racing camshaft can dramatically increase your horsepower, speed, and noise coming out of your exhaust, but at the expense of fuel economy. If you're looking to improve your daily driver while still keeping it reliable (and your gas expenses reasonable) you may not wish to install quite as aggressive of a cam.

You will likely also have to replace several other parts in your engine if you want to upgrade your camshaft, including your pushrods, valve springs, and more. It's strongly suggested that you ask one of our high-performance auto experts about swapping your camshaft in order to get a better picture of what might be necessary in order make your Camaro the car you've been dreaming about.

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