Camaro Nitrous Oxide Systems in Katy

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Your Chevrolet Camaro may have an engine to be feared under the hood, but if you're looking to add an extra level of horsepower to really leave your competition in the dust, a high-quality nitrous system may be just what you need. Nitrous injection systems are well-known modifications, and the Katy high performance auto tuning experts can help you install a high-quality nitrous system in your ride.

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What Is a Nitrous System?

If you're unfamiliar with how a nitrous system works, here's a brief explanation. "Nitrous" is short for "nitrous oxide," which is a liquid chemical compound that separates into oxygen and nitrogen when heated. A nitrous system injects this chemical into your engine, where the heat separates it, adding more oxygen to the cylinder. This allows your car to inject more fuel as well to make an overall bigger explosion, creating even more horsepower.

HP Motorsports proudly installs nitrous systems from reputable manufacturers including:

  • NOS
  • Nitrous Express
  • Nitrous Outlet
  • Zex
  • Trick Flow
  • Edelbrock
A nitrous system can give you a temporary shot of horsepower-enhancing boost, however they are temporary and won't help you much over a longer-distance race. Nitrous tanks are fairly small and must be refilled after use, so while they can help you get down the drag strip at blistering speeds, they won't help you in a lap or distance race, such as autocross.

Nonetheless, nitrous systems have become extremely popular accessories for those looking to trick out their car, making it look great while intimidating the competition. When people see a nitrous kit installed in a car, they know that car and driver cannot be taken lightly when going head-to-head. If you want to boost your Camaro's engine to the next level, call HP motorsports now and start planning your nitrous addition!

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