CNC Machined Cylinder Heads in Houston

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The pistons in your engine go up and down in a chamber known as a "cylinder" and the valves for each cylinder are located in what is known as the "cylinder head." The heads on your cylinders are a lot more than mere part holders, however; they can have an immense impact on your horsepower thanks to their shape, size, compression ratio, and more. This makes replacing your stock cylinder heads with a new, better-performing option one of the more popular upgrades for those looking to give their engine a serious power boost. CNC machining new cylinder heads that are perfect for your wishes is an extremely popular option that is rapidly becoming more affordable.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for "computerized numerically controlled." In other words, a CNC machine is a computer that uses numbers to precisely maneuver a set of tools in order to create something. Think of it like a 3D printer in reverse-whereas a 3D printer progressively adds material to create an object, a CNC machine removes material from a giant block in order to create the object.

While this technology has been around for decades, it only recently has become affordable and common enough to become a viable source of manufacturing. Today, CNC machining is actually one of the cheapest and fastest ways of producing precision-made parts, including customized designs. When dealing with something like cylinder heads, where tolerances and shapes must be precise to within thousandths of an inch, this technology makes high-performance parts more affordable and readily available than ever before.

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Choosing the Right Upgrades for Your Car

As stated previously, your cylinder heads can have a tremendous impact on the way your car functions. The shape and size of the combustion chamber over each piston can have a huge effect on the combustion process. Thus, changing your cylinder heads can have one of the largest impacts on the overall performance of your engine.

When choosing new cylinder heads it's important to take the following into consideration:

  • Engine displacement
  • Type of vehicle (trucks will need different cylinder heads than sports cars will)
  • Desired compression ratio
  • Intended vehicle use (daily driver or dragstrip monster?)
Your cylinder heads are just one important part of the entire machine that is your car's engine. This means the various parts of your engine must be able to work together and properly utilize each other or else your engine may not run properly... if it runs at all. Before purchasing a new set of CNC machined cylinder heads, we strongly advise you speak with one of our Houston high performance automotive technicians and discuss your goals.

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