Drivetrain & Suspension Modifications

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Increasing the power and performance of your engine invariably increases the amount of stress leveled upon the rest of your vehicle. To ensure that every component in your car or truck is able to sustain the increased demands of a souped-up engine, our Houston high performance auto services at HP Motorsports LLC carefully orchestrate an entire system upgrade. At the heart of these efforts are your drivetrain and suspension.

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Services Performed Right the First Time

How does the power boost from your engine reach your high performance tires? Through the drivetrain. What keeps this new engine from bouncing you all over the place? The elaborate system of springs and shock absorbers that make up your suspension. In either case, you'd be in real trouble if the drivetrain or suspension couldn't handle the extra power being dished out by your engine. That's why an integrated approach to engine upgrades is so crucial.

At HP Motorsports, our drivetrain & suspension services include:

  • Lowering your car to improve handling
  • Upgrading your shocks
  • Replacing springs and sway bars
  • Upgrading your transfer case
  • Upgrading your shifter bushings
  • Replacing your clutch
The great thing about custom upgrades and modifications is that you're not constrained to one-size-fits all solutions. Not only do our expert technicians love working on cars, they love talking about cars-which is where every job starts. You come in with your ideas, and we design a methodical, comprehensive plan to get you there. We do think creatively, but we don't cut corners.

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At HP Motorsports, we know how important it is to get the job done right the first time. There are all sorts of auto service options available to you in Houston, including dyno tuning. But just one stop at our Katy shop will introduce you to the HP Motorsports difference.

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