New Exhaust Headers Installation in Houston

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If you would like to improve the performance on your car significantly but are on a limited budget, installing new exhaust headers may be the solution you are looking for. Not only can a high-quality set of exhaust headers from a reputable manufacturer boost your speed and horsepower, but they give your engine bay a sleek, powerful look that will wow those you show them off to. It's no wonder that this is such a wildly popular upgrade for all types of performance car owners.

When you bring your car to HP Motorsports LLC, our Houston high performance automotive experts can help you get the horsepower boost you're looking for at a price you can afford. Our team has a passion for cars, and for more than 20 years we have served the community by providing excellent workmanship and knowledgeable advice. We strive for three things in each car we service: speed, passion, and perfection, and our dedication to your complete satisfaction with our services ensures we get the job done right with superior results the first time.

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We carry high-quality header systems from many different high-quality brands, including:

  • Borla
  • Flowmaster
  • JBA
  • Magnaflow

How Headers Work

Headers are actually remarkably simple. Engines lose power on their exhaust strokes from pressure in the exhaust manifold. As a piston pushes gas out to the manifold, it also forces existing exhaust in the manifold out through a single exit pipe towards your catalytic converter and muffler. When all of the exhaust is forced to a single pipe exit, it can't often escape as quickly as it needs to, which creates pressure in the manifold. That pressure is exerted back on the pistons, which must compress the exhaust from the current stroke to force it out through the open valves.

Headers eliminate back pressure in the exhaust system. Each pipe is specifically designed for size and length so exhaust will reach the collector perfectly timed. This way, the manifold will always be clear whenever the exhaust valves open for each cylinder, reducing the lost energy from back pressure.

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