Ford F-150 Performance Upgrades

Turning Your Truck Into Your Dream Vehicle

When the first generation began rolling off the line in 1948, the Ford Motor Company likely never could have dreamed that their F-series line of light and medium-duty pickup trucks would go on to become the iconic and immensely popular vehicles that they are today. In fact, the Ford F-150, the smallest truck of the line, is now in its 13th generation, making it the longest continually-produced pickup truck line in the world today! It's been the best-selling pickup truck in the United States since 1977, and Ford's best-selling vehicle since 1986.

While the name hasn't changed in decades, today's F-150 pickup trucks are some of the most rugged, feature-packed models that Ford has ever produced. Not only are they suited to handle hauling, towing, and carrying over highways and roads of any type, but they're incredibly well-suited to off-road usage as well, right from the factory. If you're looking to build your Ford F-150 into a show-stopping beauty, an off-road specialist for tackling even the toughest trails, or even just a better truck for towing or hauling, the Houston high-performance auto experts from HP Motorsports LLC can get it done!

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Helping You Build Your Perfect Truck

Whatever you're looking for your truck to be, HP Motorsports can build it to be that way. Whether it's simply improving your horsepower or completely changing the look of your vehicle with aftermarket decorations and effects, we offer quality parts from reputable name brands. We even work with your budget and can help you create the vehicle you're looking for at a price you can afford.

We can install the following upgrades:

  • Lift kits
  • Suspension & drivetrain upgrades
  • Header & engine upgrades
  • Exhaust system upgrades
  • Wheel & tire installations
  • Off-road accessory installation
  • Custom accessory installation
We help you choose accessories for your vehicle that will give you the best results, including upgrade parts and accessories for systems like your engine, air intake, exhaust, suspension, and so much more. We even service modern-generation Ecoboost engines, which are turbocharged to provide more horsepower while also saving fuel! We have the tools and ability to program your vehicle's computer with aftermarket tunes that maximize horsepower and performance in order to take full advantage of the upgrades we outfit into your truck.

Why Choose HP Motorsports?

When it comes to performance, nobody in the Houston area does more, knows more, and installs more than HP Motorsports. Cars are what we do, and they're what we're passionate about. When it comes to your car, we share your passion and your desire to see it be its best. Whether it's a simple maintenance service, a simple upgrade, or a major system installation, you can depend on us for a quality outcome each and every time. And we back it up with the friendly, personalized service we've become renowned for!

To get started on turning your Ford F-150 into your dream machine, contact HP Motorsports today!