Houston Hellion Turbo Installation

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Looking to find the perfect boost for your horsepower? HP Motorsports LLC is proud to be a preferred dealer and installer of Hellion turbocharger systems! Hellion turbochargers are proudly made in the USA and can provide your car with the extra power you need to increase your speed and smoke the competition down the drag strip and in the streets.

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The Difference A Hellion Turbo System Makes

Are you ready to leave the competition behind? A Hellion turbocharger system can provide you with a substantial increase in horsepower to bring your drag strip times down run after run down the tarmac. The automotive performance experts at HP Motorsports can help you select either a single or twin turbo system that's right for your car, and then install it using our experience and passion for speed.

We Proudly Offer Hellion Turbo Systems For The Following Vehicles:

  • General Motors
  • Chrysler
  • Ford

Why Choose A Hellion Turbo?

Turbocharger systems are the unquestioned kings when it comes to producing extra power. Because the system relies on the exhaust your engine is already producing, the power is considered “free,” as it is entirely independent of the crankshaft of your engine. This means that you can build up the additional boost without wasting any of the initial power of your engine, unlike a supercharger system.

A turbocharger can provide you with a significant amount of boost while taking up very little space in your engine compartment. This helps to keep your car light and nimble, while dramatically increasing your horsepower and torque, giving you faster starts, higher top-end speeds, and a more dramatic power pull towards the top-end of your rev range.

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