Ford Mustang Supercharger Installation

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When it comes to iconic American muscle cars, no model has more history and the notoriety than the Ford Mustang. Since their initial launch as a concept car in 1962, the Mustang has grown and evolved, building its reputation for beautiful styling and incredible performance. The Mustang also earned the title of one of the most feared beasts on the drag strip, with various cars winning all types of drag races, even competing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series since 2010.

Today, the Mustang is in its sixth generation, designed to deliver incredible power while being remarkably gas-efficient. However, it remains a popular platform for car enthusiasts who wish to build a true speed machine. If you're looking for the upgrade that will set your car apart from the rest, let the Houston Mustang supercharger experts at HP Motorsports LLC outfit your ride with a high-quality and performance-driven supercharger package. We provide systems from top name brands and OEM manufacturers and install them using our many years of experience to provide you with reliable and friendly service.

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Supercharger Performance at Unbeatable Prices

Superchargers have been used to boost the Ford Mustang engine blocks for decades, creating some of the most iconic race cars in history. A supercharger is a system that essentially forces air into the cylinders of your engine, causing a larger explosion with every cycle, thus increasing your horsepower. Today, superchargers are one of the most popular major upgrades to a muscle engine due to their exceptional performance and largely consistent added power.

  • Roush
  • VMP
  • Vortech
  • Paxton
  • Whipple
  • Edelbrock
  • Procharger
  • Ford Performance
A high-quality supercharger kit can add anywhere from a few dozen to over 200 additional horsepower! If you want to cut down on your quarter-mile times, leave your competition to eat your exhaust, and turn heads as you drive by, a supercharger kit is the best place to start.

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