Ford Mustang Tuning

Improve Your Ride; Call our Katy High Performance Auto Tuners

Upgrading your ride to high-performance parts is one part of increasing your horsepower, but if your car isn't tuned to make the most of them, you aren't likely going to notice much of a difference. In fact, your car may feel even less powerful than it was before, and it could start suffering from issues it never had previously, including overheating, increased fuel consumption, and more. This is because your car's internal computer has not been programmed to make the most of the new part. You can change this by obtaining a high-quality custom tune from the Katy high-performance auto tuning experts at HP Motorsports LLC.

When you trust your ride to our experts, you can trust that you'll be completely satisfied with the results. Our Houston Mustang performance experts have more than 20 years of experience serving the local racing and high-performance automotive community, including building some of the fastest and most feared race cars at the local tracks. We know what it takes to make your car get the most out of its new high-performance parts, and our high-quality tunes can make your car respond and perform exactly as you'd like it to. Whether you're looking to increase your horsepower, change your exhaust tone, or build the weekend cruiser of your dreams, let our team build you the Ford Mustang of your dreams.

If you're looking to upgrade your Mustang, find out more about our high-quality tuning options by calling HP Motorsports at (281) 492-0645. Ask to receive a free estimate!

When Should I Tune My Mustang?

You don't necessarily need to tune your ride for any upgrade, but you should have your engine tuned after any major overhaul or modification to your engine or drivetrain. If you don't update your tune to properly utilize your new equipment, you may actually place additional added stress and wear on your engine, shortening its lifespan in addition to possibly suffering from reduced performance.

You should tune your ride after installing any of the following upgrades:

  • Larger camshaft
  • Larger fuel injectors
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Cold-air intake
  • High-compression pistons/ported cylinder heads
  • Headers & exhaust
  • Nitrous systems

Four Types of Tunes

There are four common ways you can re-tune your vehicle. Depending on your performance goals and your upgrade budget, our experts will help you choose the right type of tune for your ride.

  • A piggy-back system is usually the cheapest since it uses the factory-installed computer to control everything, only it sends a modified injector or ignition output to the engine. This can sometimes result in poor running conditions.
  • A modified stock ECU still uses the same stock ECU unit, but instead uses a real-time programmer in place of the chips original programming. This results in a much better-running vehicle, but must be adjusted in a tune shop. Depending on your goals, this may not be your ideal setup.
  • ECU flashing is the practice of using your car's OBD-II scan port to program your ECU with an entirely new tune setup on the fly. This is usually accomplished through a small custom computer that rides in your car or is plugged in whenever you'd like to change your tune. This is the most popular modern type of tuning in that it's simpler to install and still gives you immense flexibility.
  • A standalone ECU installation involves completely replacing your car's entire factory ECU unit with an aftermarket one. This can give you the most precise control over numerous features that your factory ECU may not have given you, and is the best setup for those who truly want a finely-tuned machine that gives them the best performance. However, they are the most expensive and hardest to install.

If your Ford Mustang needs a new tune, let the experts at HP Motorsports help! Contact us now to learn more!