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Through the years, RAM Trucks have always signified power. While the name was used by Dodge as far back as the 1930s, what we really think of as the RAM Truck rose to popularity in the '80s, with the Ram and Power Ram models under the Dodge D series. Since then, RAM trucks have been named Motor Trend's Truck of the Year 6 times. In 2010, RAM trucks were established as their own brand, spun off of the Dodge marquee. But whether you've got a traditional Dodge Ram pickup or an all new 2019 1500 from the current RAM division, the name continues to be synonymous with excellence.

Whatever make and model you're working with, at HP Motorsports, our mission is to help you make it as powerful as possible. Our Houston high performance auto experts offer everything you need to upgrade your truck and outfit it with all the latest features. Whether you're looking to trick out your RAM's towing or carrying capacity or are in the market for additions that will have it in perfect shape for off-roading, you've come to the right place. The RAM is a tough truck that requires strong workmanship. Get the strong workmanship your truck needs, with HP Motorsports.

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Servicing All Your Trucking Needs

No matter what kind of truck you have, HP Motorsport has the skills and experience to build it out to your exact specifications. From improving the vehicle's horsepower to adding signature design features, we've got you covered. Get the truck of your dreams, with aftermarket parts from reputable brand names. We always strive to find cost-effective solutions and work within your budget, not only completing your every request but increasing the vehicle's resale value as well.

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  • Lift kits
  • Suspension & drivetrain upgrades
  • Header & engine upgrades
  • Exhaust system upgrades
  • Wheel & tire installations
  • Off-road accessory installation
  • Custom accessory installation

When you're looking for RAM truck upgrades in the Houston area, no one is more qualified than HP Motorsports. Our team of specialized mechanics and performance experts are highly trained, and equipped to handle a range of vehicle types. From trucks to sports cars, from simple maintenance to major installations, call HP Motorsports for quality work and friendly, personalized service.

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